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Spray & Go COVID-19 Eradication for Archery Tag

We have been researching disinfectant, which would be suitable for cleaning archery tag equipment and in particular strings and masks. In the case of strings it required to have no alcohol content which would dry out and damage the strings and in the case of masks it needed to have many attributes. Being directly in contact with the users face it need to be non-toxic, have no odor be non flammable and with no risk of irritation to skin or airways. That is when we discovered Saloncide. Used in Barbers and hair salons, it possesses all the attributes we required while being effective in eradicating COVID and many other viruses, bacteria and fungus. Use on all your archery tag equipment and surfaces including inflatable bunkers.

Features of this unique ‘spray & go’ product, with no rinsing required.

  • Up to 99.99% germ kill rate within 60 seconds on Bacteria (2 mins on viruses)

  • Alcohol, solvent, bleach, paraben and acid FREE

  • Use on all surfaces porous and non porous, tools & equipment

  • Non toxic, Non flammable and Non Irritant

  • Tested to EN Standards BS EN1276, BS EN14476 & EN1650 against Bacteria, Fungi & Viruses

  • Continues to work long after application

  • Extremely low hazard rating reducing COSHH risk

Proven to be effective against: Enveloped Viruses (Inc Coronavirus), MRSA, C.diff, HIV-1, E.coli, Hepatitis B, Influenza A (Inc H1N1), Salmonella, Legionella, Staphylococcus, Listeria, Pseudomonas, Tuberculosis and many more.

Effective to Test Standards EN14776, EN1276, EN13727, EN1650, EN13624,EN14348.

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