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Archery Tag Glass-fiber Mono Bow

Rolan Snake Bow For Archery Tag.jpg

Archery tag ambidextrous fiber-glass  mono bow

This one piece glass-fiber archery tag mono bow can be shot right or left handed so eliminating the need for different bows for handing. 60" long with a 22# draw weight when drawn to 28" this will give an effective range of 30-35m using our barrel headed blunt arrows. The durable materials and construction mean this can be stored in adverse conditions with no loss of integrity. An ideal bow when used by the public compared to metal or wooden handles fitted with wooden limbs, which will twist and warp if not stored or used correctly. The bow can be supplied fully set up with arrow rests, string nocks and finger protectors fully fitted or with the items supplied loose in a kit for fitting on site.

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