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Archery tag Protective Masks

Archery tag standard mask poly-carbonate lens ( Beast )

Made from flexible impact resistant interlocking panels, this mask provides protection of the face forehead and throat. A ventilated mouth piece provides free flow of air and reduces any condensation. The integrated goggle area is manufactured from impact resistant, shatter proof poly carbonate. The mask is fitted with a wide, adjustable elasticated headband for a comfortable fit.

Avalon face mask for archery tag.jpg
Archery Tag Mask enhanced.jpg

Archery tag enhanced mask metal mesh eye protection ( Predator )

Apart from the appearance this mask has a similar specification to the standard mask. Instead of clear poly-carbonate lenses it has a metal mesh. This has the advantage of a quicker turnaround if equipment is being steralised between users. There is no need to clean and polish the lens area as would be required with the standard mask. Turn around in as little as 2 minutes See our section on steralisation for more details.

Archery tag wide fit mask with RX anti fog lens eye protection ( Scavenger )

For glasses wearers we have an extra wide face mask which provides additional internal space to accommodate prescription glasses. Suitability will vary dependent on the size of prescription frames being worn. Additionally the lenses fitted to this mask are RX lenses, which means there is no distortion when looking through them. Again the mask is impact resistant and is fitted with a wide adjustable, elasticated head band for a more comfortable fit.

Archery tag mask wide fit.jpg
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