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Archery Rampage rules and game play

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You don’t have to be an archery master to play. The game has two teams with equal numbers on each side. Each team plays from their own end of the “pitch”, which are separated by a no man’s land safety area. Players cannot shoot while inside the safety area. Each team is equipped with a 5 spot target and a selection of “bunkers” to use as cover when playing. Each player also has access to soft nosed arrows, a bow, safety mask and arm protector. There should also be a referee to keep score and ensure the game is played safely and within the rules by all participants.

Playing Rules

  • The game will begin with all the arrows and bows placed inside the “no man’s land” or the bows on each teams base line and the arrows in the “no man’s land”

  • To begin it is a race to the middle to claim your bow and arrows and race back to your side before your opponents can get a shot off and score points on a player

  • The objective of this game is to score more points than you opponents. This can be by hitting “tagging” an opponent or knocking a center of out the opposing teams target

  • During the game, all players are to stay within boundary lines on their own side of the pitch. A player can only leave the play zone by exiting or entering via their own half base line.

  • As a player, you must obey the rules stipulated for the game. You must also respect all the other players

  • The bows and arrows for the game should not be removed from the “pitch”

  • Timeouts are only given in case of equipment safety issues and injured players

  • The game ends either when all target centers have been shot loose from a teams target, or after the agreed maximum game time limit.

Archery Tag: Zone Rules

  • Players are only live in their own side of the “pitch”. This is where they can shoot or be shot

  • Players in the safe area (outside of the pitch), cannot shoot or be shot

  • Participants should always be moving, no stopping. If a player is trying to retrieve an arrow from the safe zone, they should do so and return to the attack zone before shooting.

  • Teams cannot hoard arrows, this will be result in points being deducted and the arrows being redistributed by the referee.


There are alternative rules which can be used or not. For example, if a player is hit they leave the play area for a set period of time OR until a fellow team member catches an arrow in flight.


Archery Tag: Equipment Safety

  • Equipment should always be inspected prior to the commencement of each game. Check arrows for loose components or broken nocks. Check bows for chips or cracks and strings for wear and tear. Masks should be cleaned and steralised between games, along with bows and arrows while COVID persists as an issue. Players should also clean their hands with sanitiser before and after each game.

  • All players in the game, on the side-line and referees, should wear a face mask,  ensure these are fitted correctly, with little movement.

  • When in storage bows should be unstrung and stored in a cool and dry place

  • Arrow foam tips should be inspected for wear and chips out of the soft foam end. In case of a worn foam tip, replace the arrow or tip as shooting it could expose the hard plastic core and cause injury

  • Bows should never be shot without an arrow (dry fire), as it can cause damage to the structure of the limb.

  • The strings should be regularly inspected and maintained with a proprietary wax. Any strand damage or damage to the string servings in the middle or loop ends and the string should be replaced.

Archery Tag: Game Play Safety

  • Players should remove any loose clothing and facial piercings prior to participating

  • The inflatable bunkers are not structural and should not be used to lean on and the bunkers should not be moved by players.

  • Do not swing equipment at other objects, to minimize damages and unnecessary injuries

  • Never shoot at any player in the neutral zone or outside the field boundaries

  • Never shoot at a participant who has removed safety equipment or who is injured.


Playing with large groups

In cases where you are operating a league with a number of teams we have developed a round robin league and a few ideas to make the experience more interesting and exciting for participants. Contact us to discuss your requirements

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