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Axe Throwing

Throwing Angel

A professional Throwing Axe (Angel) is basically a cross between a throwing axe and throwing knife – and represents the best of both worlds! They are incredibly nice to throw making them perfect for beginners and seasoned throwers alike. They also don’t have the downside of broken shafts associated with traditional throwing axes. The axe head and spike are unsharpened and the handle is comfortable in the hand.


Cold Steel Professionsl Throwing Axe

For those wanting the convenience of a quick-change handle we are now offering a Professional Throwing Hatchet. Thanks to its patent pending locking mechanism, all you have to do to change a worn or damaged handle is to loosen the bolts, slip out the worn handle and exchange it for a new one and re-tighten the bolts. Now you can change your handle and be throwing again in under 2 minutes.


Cold Steel Gang Hatchet

The classic Chinese hatchet has appeared in countless Kung Fu movies over the years, and we’ve always been fascinated with its use! Our interpretation of this classic blade, the Axe Gang Hatchet is no mere movie prop! It features a differentially heat treated, drop-forged head - which has a hard edge capable of reaching razor sharpness, but a soft steel body for absorbing impact.Meets most axe throwing association requirements for tournament play.Head: 21 oz. / Overall: 32 oz.


Cold Steel Competition Thrower

We've modified our Axe Gang Hatchet, that you all know and love, to meet regulations for competition axe throwing in your favorite league. Now you can customize your competition throwing hatchet with your personal logos and bring your strongest game to the tournament! Head weight: 21 oz. Total weight: 30 oz. (1lb 14oz.)


Morrell Throwing Axe Target

Built for hatchets and knives this 100% wood target is made in the USA from durable hard woods and comes with a metal chain hanger.

We only supply commercial users, for bulk discount prices and availability contact us

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