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Straw targets

There are two grades of straw targets, domestic and club. Domestic targets, although the same in appearance, are not a densely woven as club targets, which have to stand up to much more use. We only supply club quality targets to maximise longevity.

These targets are available in 2 sizes 85cm & 128cm, paper targets are then pinned on to them. These targets are usually set up for use on a tripod stand.

Made from eco friendily materials these can be broken down at end of life and composted

Straw Targets.jpg

Compressed multi layer foam target. Made from ethafoam compressed layers these are the predominant club target. Comprised of a wooden frame the multiple layers of faom are compressed to afford a surface which will stop arrows safely and facility easy removal.


Available in 3 sizes 60cm, 90cm and 130cm they provide a long lift and can be reversed to extend the lifetime of the target.

3D fun targets and figures. There is a vast range of 3D targets available from animals, to mythical creatures and dinosaurs to shapes. All are made from high density "self healing" foam. Pull the arrow out and the hole disappears. Principally made for 3D ranges these 3D targets bring an extra dimension of fun to any session.

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Paper targets come in a variety of sizes and configurations, to fit different target sizes. All paper targets are waxed and reinforced to withstand outdoor use. We can supply both FITA and Field targets as well as Vegas and 3 Spot and fund targets.


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